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Abstract (English):
The article considers the level and dynamics of labor productivity in the Kemerovo region in comparison with the Russian Federation. The research objective was to reveal the current state of the local labor productivity. A number of statistical problems were revealed as a result of an analysis of labor productivity dynamics and highly productive jobs. The author determines the main factors affecting the level of labor productivity and suggests measures to eliminate them. The study was based on statistical data, as well as research results of Russian and foreign analysts. The analysis involved both absolute and relative values, methods of comparison, grouping and analysis. The author believes that the low level of labor productivity in the region can only be increased by the combined efforts of the state and individual enterprises. The set of measures should include reduction of the depreciation of fixed assets, improvement of statistical reporting, raising awareness and control over labor productivity, raising the level of skills and personal interest of employees in high-performance work, and stimulating enterprises.

index of labor productivity, reasons for the decline in labor productivity, highly productive jobs
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