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Subject. In modern conditions, the effective management of sustainable development of rural areas needs effective requirements. Development of rural areas is impossible without a clearly developed strategic plan. Therefore, strategic planning has recently become even more relevant. Objective. Development of recommendations on strategic planning for sustainable development of rural areas. Methodology of the work. The research employed the methods of economic analysis and comparison, as well as an abstract-logical and monographic analysis. The authors used statistical data of the Territorial Body of the Federal State Statistics Service for the Republic of Buryatia for 2014–2016, as well as periodicals and Internet resources. In addition, such methods of analysis as systematization and generalization were used. Results. The research features an analysis of strategic planning of sustainable development of rural areas. It proposes a procedure for developing a strategy for the sustainable development of rural areas. Conclusions. The analysis led to the conclusion that for the agricultural sector it is necessary to create a multi-level integrated system for planning the socio-economic development of rural areas. The proposed procedure for developing a strategy for sustainable development of rural areas allows for a more accurate assessment of rural development prospects, more effective development of strategic plans for rural development, and can be used as a strategic planning tool.

strategic documents, problems of rural development, integrated development of rural areas, effective management, strategy development procedure, strategic planning support center, recommendations for strategy development
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