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: The development of the digital economy and the modernization of education in Russia necessitate the automation of business processes in the education. The research features the management of educational activities in university. The paper describes the process of creating a single automated information system for university management. The research objective was to identify the main elements of a single automated information system related to the management of educational activities in university and their compliance with legislation in the field of education of the Russian Federation. To provide a systematic approach to the solution of the problem, the authors used the following research methods: analysis, synthesis, formalization, and modeling. The article introduces aninformation systems based on different approaches, their advantages and disadvantages. It describes the subsystems that automate the main business processes related to the management of educational activities in the Altai State Technical University. The case can help to solve similar problems in other educational organizations.

process approach, information system, information resources, a single information space, compliance
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