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Abstract (English):
The purpose of the work is to evaluate the potential of a high school teacher; the subject of study is employment potential and competitiveness of the university faculty member; research methods include analysis of statistical data and online-survey. The article presents the results of the research potential of the university teaching staff in the conditions of ongoing reforms in higher education and in connection with changing requirements to higher education institutions forfaculty members. It was determined that faculty members demonstrate high loyalty and commitment, but average engagement. It was revealed that the institution creates proper conditions for development and self-realization, creativity and communication. It was confirmed that university professors have a high scientific and innovative potential and willingness to conduct research. The conclusion is that the employment potential of university staff is not used to the full. It was determined that the majority of the teaching staff appreciates personal competitiveness. And only one out of five is aware of the need to develop their personal competitiveness in line with the new requirements. The results of the study may be useful for university governance within the management of human resources quality.

vysshaya shkola, konkurentosposobnost', prepodavatel', trudovoy potencial, udovletvorennost' trudom, graduate School, competitiveness, professor, employment potential, job satisfaction
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