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Abstract (English):
This article is devoted to the study of new marketing strategies used in green marketing. Green marketing includes both green products and green oriented companies. Companies that seek to enter the new "green" niche need to rethink the 4 P’s (product, price, place and promotion) of traditional marketing and use these new strategies to promote environmentally friendly products. Research into this field has yielded four main strategies of ecological marketing: "Lean green", "Defensive green", "Shaded green" and "Extreme green". Each environmental marketing strategy presented in this article is directly connected with the concept of the marketing mix it is related to. Many companies do not want to use all parts of the 4 P strategies but instead choose to use only specific elements of each. This allows companies to choose a tailored "green" marketing strategy to achieve their goals. Green marketing strategies help companies to develop products that are environmentally friendly and satisfy the requirements of consumers.

ekologicheskiy marketing, strategii ekologicheskogo marketinga, koncepciya marketing - miks, ecological marketing, environmental marketing strategy, the concept of the marketing mix
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