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The article discusses the structure of the compensation packages of top managers and peculiarities of the rewards of managers in this group. The theory of agents’ relations and the concept of strategic management are used as the methodological basis for the requirements for bonuses and compensation packages of the top managers, which define their characteristics. The analysis of the practice of forming top managers’ compensation packages is based on the data from the major Russian companies sharing the ownership with the State. The analysis shows that in 2014 - 2015, in accordance with the requirements of the transparency of confidential information, the companies approved a new edition of the Corporate Governance Code. The annual reports based on this Code reflect more comprehensive information about the systems, the amount and structure of bonuses of the boards of management and the collective management bodies. The reward systems are built using the key factors of the work performance. Meanwhile, in some companies the rate of bonuses growth outpaces the growth of the net income and revenue. For the management purposes, the authors propose to structure the compensation packages according to the functions of the compensation policy. The compensation packages of the top managers of Russian companies are compiled using the elaborated approach. The requirements for the formation of the compensation packages of top managers are determined in the article. In order to eliminate the discrepancy between the rate of change in the bonuses of top-managers, the revenue and the net profit, it is proposed to establish a coefficient of concordance, which has to be approved by the board of management. The bonuses to members of the Board from the annual net profit should be determined according to the approved coefficient of concordance and the value of bonuses received over the year. The results presented in the article will be used in the future studies on the development of theory and practice of the compensational management.

kompensacii, kompensacionnyy paket, funkcii, struktura, voznagrazhdenie, top-menedzher, compensation, compensation package, function, structure, bonus, top manager
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