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In view of the feminization of migration flows, the authors examine the particularities of the information needs of migrant-women, who arrived in Novosibirsk from Central Asia. The authors analyze the channels to obtain the information necessary for visiting adaptation, completeness and availability of information about conditions of stay, the thematic focus of the information which might be of interest to migrants. The research evaluates information gathered both prior to their arrival in Russia and that demanded in the region of residence. The article specifies some peculiar characteristics of information needs of women-mogrants, such as a more frequent use of information from migrants' ethnic networks than from official sources or their concerns about education and health care. The article touches upon the ways women-migrants get access to Internet sources and official Internet resources to locate information needed to solve vital issues. The authors prove the need to establish a system of information support of labour ethnic migration.

migraciya naseleniya, feminizaciya migracionnyh potokov, trudovaya migraciya, zhenschiny-migranty, adaptaciya migrantov, informirovannost' migrantov, deficit informacii, informacionnye kanaly, informacionnaya podderzhka, migration, feminization of migration flows, labour migration, women migrants, adaptation of migrants, shortage of information, information channels, information support
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