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Abstract (English):
The paper studies the main interpretations of political culture prevailing in Russian political science. Their methodological and theoretical foundations and perspectives in the elaboration of this phenomenon are subject to comprehensive analysis. The author substantiates the necessity of unilateral synthesis of scientific concepts in a systematic theoretical form. Such interpretation of political culture is only possible in the context of the entire political system identifying the peculiarities of its cultural organization and standard and value security. The political culture characterizes this system as a whole, with a special emphasis on its quality status, the established political order, the complex network of political interactions and the process of self-organization of people. The author offers an original conception of political culture as a form of political programming of society and reproduction of political relations in their institutional and subject-activity representation. It is concluded that the functioning of the political sphere of society is motivated, contently programmed, organized and instrumentally ensured by its political culture.

politicheskaya kul'tura, politicheskoe soznanie, politicheskoe povedenie, politicheskaya sistema, politicheskoe programmirovanie, political culture, political conscience, political behavior, political system, political programming
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