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The article considers the current state of insurance market in the Kemerovo region, as well as trends affecting the market. In the crisis year of 2015, the insurance market of Russia and Kemerovo region was developing due to the growth of compulsory insurance and life insurance, whereas classical insurance saw a decline. Comparative analysis of insurance market in Russia showed a preferential development of optional medical insurance and compulsory third party car insurance in the regional insurance market. The article features an analysis of the structure of the insurance portfolio of the regional insurance companies, the place and the role of the regional insurance companies in the insurance market of the Kemerovo region. Regional insurance organizations specialize in voluntary health insurance, which reflects the specifics of the regional insurance risk, but its overall development is not steady, without regard to regional peculiarities. Conclusions are drawn about the lack of a regional perspective, the need for the development of regional insurance, since regional insurance organizations are able to take into account the specifics of the site and agree to cover relevant risks. An example is the compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of hazardous production facilities, where a significant role belongs to the regional insurance organizations.

Insurance, insurance market, the regional insurance companies, regional insurance risk.
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