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Abstract (English):
The article examines the state and dynamics of labor productivity in the Russian Federation within the context of major policy documents on the socio-economic development of Russia. The author analyzes the dynamics of a number of high-performance occupations for the last three years. The paper features the factors of productivity growth and efficiency of its use in practice. The author determines the main causes of low level labor productivity and proposes measures for its improvement. The article is based on analysis of statistical data, outcomes of analysts’ researches, and the results of interviews with managers. The result of the study is the conclusion that, along with large-scale renewal of fixed assets, it is needed to use extensive reserves of an organizational nature to increase labor productivity. Among them: reduction of losses of working time, the use of modern managerial techniques, motivating people to high performance by all methods, centralizing and systemizing of improvement proceedings for labor productivity.

labor productivity, factors of increasing of labor productivity, highly productive jobs, labor motivation, labor organization
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