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Abstract (English):

The current research features some elements of the monotown development system. The research objective is a model description of the monotown development system provided by the elements of the innovation infrastructure. The conceptual basis of the work methodology is shaped by the works of S. Parkinson, H. Takeuchi, J. Schumpeter. The results can be applied to solve the problems of Russian monotowns that belong to the category of monotowns with the most difficult economic situation.

The research resulted in a series of recommendations on the formation of innovative infrastructure for monotowns, which may lead to an increase in the competitiveness of monotowns and to their transition from a category with the most difficult socio-economic situation to a managed risk category. The conclusion is that it is necessary to create an infrastructure for the innovative development of monotowns. It is necessary to set up a resource center for personnel training (a project office for additional education, a center for standardization of qualifications, a methodological center for interaction between educational institutions and monotown organizations). It should involve an information expert and consulting infrastructure (project office of innovation development and entrepreneurship with departments of coach and foresight management, standardization center and the center of investment and innovation development, innovation and communication platform, consortium of business incubators, etc.). The model in question provides an effective management of the socio-economic development of monotowns.

monotowns, innovation infrastructure, information expert and consulting infrastructure, project office.
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