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The aim of the article is to consider the existing criteria of single-industry towns (monotowns) in the Republic of Belarus, which are the subject of the current research. The article summarizes the main approaches to the concept of «single-industry city». The study is based on the analysis of the state scheme of complex territorial organization of the Republic of Belarus and shows the position of the single-industry towns of Belarus in the system of population displacement. The paper features an analysis of the existing criteria for attributing urban settlements to the category of «monotowns» and includes a list of the largest city-forming enterprises in the Republic of Belarus. The study proposes some basic directions of the further development of single-industry towns in Belarus, which can be used by the government and local authorities in the regional development. The results will help to institutionalize the category of «single-industry town» in Belarus. The study also proposes to include an article on the development of monoprofile cities into main strategic documents of the Republic of Belarus. Such an article should provide a permanent monitoring of the development of such urban settlements as well as adoption of corrective measures in case of depression. An important direction for future research is the definition of the criteria for a comprehensive analysis of single-industry towns – not only on the level of economic development of the city-forming enterprise, but also on the level of socio-economic development of the settlement as an administrative-territorial unit with a town-forming enterprise.

a single industry town, forming enterprise, criteria of single industry towns, regional development, Republic of Belarus
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