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The territories of many single-industry towns and smaller settlements with a oncedeveloped industry at the present stage of development do not satisfy the new needs of people. Without a carefully developed concept of development of these territories, the latter become zones of alienation. Weak attention to these objects leads to their degradation, the formation on their territory of storage areas, small and not always legal production, the concentration of questionable business. To date, there are three competing programs that claim to implement and implement in urban development practices: Smart City, Culture-led (leadership through intensive cultural development), Livable City (comfortable city). All of them can improve the quality of life of the main socio-demographic groups or simply contribute to the economic prosperity of cities. The content of the research area: the identification, analysis and resolution of the formation and development problems of the theory and practice of «smart cities» management as social and economic systems with the aim of revealing the stable links and regularities that determine the nature and content of these problems, the logic and mechanisms for their resolution. The project of socially responsible design of the «smart city» in the case of the monotown of Yurga, Kemerovo region, will contribute to the formation of practices of public discussion and the solution of issues related to the formation of a stable comfortable and safe urban environment.

monotown, socially responsible design, quality of life, smart city, urbanism, forecasting, crowdsourcing platform
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