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The current research features approaches to solving the problems associated with a decline in the development of old industrial sectors in single-industry towns (monocities, or monocommunities). The target of the study is to show the necessity of strategic approach and interaction of all management levels. Particular attention is paid to resource-dependent communities. Enterprises of mineral resources sector have limits of effective development, associated with gradual depletion of their resource base. Diversification and modernization of the economy of resource-dependent communities are logically linked to a timely achieving of strategic objectives to ensure their long-term sustainable development. Strategic aspects are also important for development planning in the sphere of new raw material deposits. A comprehensive analysis should help avoid the risks of creating new monocommunities with a poor prospect of long-term development. The article includes an analysis of international experience of Germany, Canada, and China. It is shown that a progress in solving the problems of company towns heavily depends on a strategic partnership between the federal, the regional, and the municipal governments, as well as on their collaboration with business. A conclusion is made that a uniform strategy for the development of various single-industry towns does not exist. The choice of the way of the development for each particular monotown is determined
by its socio-economic characteristics. Among those, remoteness or proximity to large urban agglomerations, industry affiliation and prospects for the development of the cityforming
enterprise, opportunities for economic diversification, investment potential and opportunities for attracting investors are of paramount importance. The process of positive changes, as a rule, is slow and complicated. Thence, it is important to justify the purpose and ways to achieve it. As a rule, extrapolation methods do not work in this case

economy of company towns, management, strategic planning, resourcedependent communities
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