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Further development of single-industry towns, as well as solution of their acute socio-economic issues demand modernization, redevelopment of city-forming enterprises on an innovative basis, formation of a new «image», all of which is impossible without attracting significant financial resources. In the conditions of limited budget financing, aggravated by the necessity to implement major investment projects, only the most effective methods of financing investment activities should be applied in single-industry urban environment. It is justified that in monocities, whose economy is characterized by a high level of risks, it is advisable to use such method as project financing for financing investment processes. World experience in managing the economy in risky and crisis situations shows that project financing is the most effective and sustainable form of financing, which justifies the significant legal and administrative costs inherent to its implementation. Regional analysis of the world market of project financing allows us to conclude that this form of financing is especially useful for countries and regions with underdeveloped institutions.

project, project financing, investment project, regional project, mono-city
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