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Abstract (English):
Global changes on world markets and increasing environmental trends shape the perception of the human environment, i.e. the city. Advanced countries have developed scientifically based approaches to the management of highly specialized territories: free economic zones, free trade zones, and one-industry urban settlements (monotowns). The purpose of the current research is to justify the multi-component approach to ecological re-urbanization of single-industry towns. The search for new forms of business development and new jobs provides the basis for the development of agricultural business in monotown environment. The research studies the relationships that develop between different categories of citizens when it comes to creating recreational areas, such as mini-parks and parklets. The implementation of the strategy of ecological re-urbanization will bring the environment closer to urban life, create «smart houses», and improve the quality of life. Modern dwellings and public areas are the ideal zones for innovative technologies and small business development. The paper proposes some solutions in the field of ecological re-urbanization, green economy and ecological landscape, contributing to the development of monotowns.

monocities, ecological landscape, ecore-urbanization, ecological architecture, green technologies, passive house, mini parks, agrarian entrepreneurship
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