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Abstract (English):
The current stage of economic development is characterized by the manifestation of «mega-regionalism» and «inter-regionalism», which shifts the emphasis in the direction of a balanced interaction between the participants who integrate their capacities in the interests of their own sustainable development. Megaregions represent the «locomotives» of the economic development of their countries. The potential for the development of the «megaregion» system represents its ability, which is determined by a wide range of factors. The expected effect of its use is sustainable development achieved by effective management solutions. Integration and balanced interaction is especially important for the sustainable development of megaregional economy. The author suggests integrating all elements of the system in terms of ensuring a synergistic effect, taking into account the interests of geographically localized spaces within the region, industrial complexes and economic entities. The current research defines the factors that shape the potential for sustainable development of a megaregion in terms of the «globalism – regionalism – the national economy – local education» interaction.

megaregion, sustainable megaregion’s development, factors and the potential for sustainable development, institutional environment, integration and balanced interactions
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