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Abstract (English):
The article features the assessment methodology conducted by consumers in the sphere of competition support tendencies on the intra-regional markets. Competition is seen as a function with a multidimensional latent character that establishes a relationship between a set of arguments-factors and the set of results-consequences of the competition development on the markets, which, in their turn, are factors of restricting competition for final consumers. As indicators of development, it is offered to use the generalized consumer assessment of two groups of influence factors: a) factors of price and nonprice rivalry among firms; b) tendencies of demand development. Generalized estimates for each group of factors are obtained as windowed estimates of the elements in each group of factors. The paper also provides examples of estimates for individual consumer markets of the Omsk region. The results of the assessment can be used by regional authorities in making decisions about the nature and directions of support and regulation of intraregional consumer markets; as marketing information, they can also be of interest to consumer product manufacturers.

competition, regional markets, competition assessment, the parameters and conditions of competition
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