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The article describes approaches to the definition of “human capital” concept. It is noted that the modern paradigm of socio-economic development of the regions and the state identifies human capital as one of the most important sources of endogenous long-term economic growth. The concept of human capital of the region is defined as a set of localized on-site human resources that 1) possess the knowledge, abilities, skills, health status, level of culture and motivation; 2) are formed as a result of investments of concrete individuals, their families, as well as society and employers; 3) are used rationally and provide innovative development of regional social and economic systems. The current research features a comparative assessment of the human capital of the Kemerovo region and other subjects of the Siberian Federal district according to the human development index. The study has revealed some factors that reduce the «human choice» factor and put the Kemerovo region on the 7th place in the human development index list of 12 Siberian regions.

human capital, human capital of the region, human development index, human capital structure, human development factors
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