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Single-industry towns, such as Monchegorsk, nave a significant role in the system of resettlement in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. These towns have some economical, geographical and natural-climatic specifities. In a global market economy characterized by recurring crises and market instability, social risks are growing with respect to the development of both the mono-settlements themselves and the country as a whole. Thus, during the crisis periods, single-industry cities become zones of social discontent, which threatens the social and economic stability of the entire state. The article reviews the problems of an arctic single-industry town on the case study of Monchegorsk. The analysis of demographic processes, indicators of the standard of living, the situation on the labor market, provision of basic social services. It has been revealed that the main factors affecting the socioeconomic problems of the arctic single-industry towns are the demographic problems associated with the natural and migratory decline of the population, as well as the problems associated with housing and communal services and social infrastructure. The paper introduces some solutions for the basic social problems.

single-industry town, Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, social problems, social policy, demography
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