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The article features a sociological research of family well-being in singleindustry urban environment. It contains a factorial analysis of family well-being on the basis of genetic research method, defines the conditions and factors of family wellbeing and builds up their rating according to positive and negative influence. The study introduces genetic marks of family well-being adapted for monotown environment and defines the level of family well-being for a monotown. The paper contains types of monotown families according to the level of family well-being (prosperous, fine, urban and problem families) and their shares in the total number of urban households. Besides, the authors describe specific features and history of monotown, as well as the role of city-forming enterprise and its impact on family well-being in different spheres. Monotown families are analyzed from the point of view of employment, education level, and optimum working schedules. Finally, the research features family dynasties and traditions at a city-forming enterprise. The authors also explain the application prospects of the genetic method in sociological family.

monotown, family well-being, conditions and factors of family well-being, the level of family well-being, city-forming enterprise
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