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To some extent, the interpretation of the phenomena of fear, horror and anxiety does not have a strict system. Firstly, the very possibility of these phenomena manifesting themselves in the framework of presence remains outside thought. Secondly, taking into consideration different modalities of presence location, the question why place is included into these modalities has never been raised. In the XXI century, much remains neglected in the study of this area, which still requires interpretation. The specifics of the analysis undertaken by us is that in terms of Heidegger’s works we develop and specify the location of the structure of the existential modalities to identify thinking abilities to respond to the occurrence of a series of location modalities. We believe it necessary to propose consideration of these phenomena not only as a subject of study, but as a way of man's presence and “being disclosed”. The essence of fear, terror and anxiety cannot be grasped, if we see them as a knowable object only. The article specifies the need to examine these phenomena as not isolated from each other, since an isolated interpretation of fear, terror and anxiety leads to the loss of their inherent meaning because the content of one these concepts is unconsciously substituted by that of another. Although the problems associated with the phenomenon of fear and horror, one way or another, have been considered in a number of papers, the research task remains relevant because we consider fear as a temporary arrangement modality and horror as repeated «throwing into the world». We believe that the phenomena of anxiety and horror cannot be modes of fear, as they are located at different levels of categorization of consciousness. Fear is always concrete and includes the object and the subject (this idea is outlined in the works of Karl Jaspers). Horror is situational and total, a revelation of inauthentic existence. Anxiety has a length in time and marks the concealment of existential movements of human existence; it points at the simultaneous confrontation of freedom of the man and, at the same time, his being cast into the world.

horror, people, being, nothingness, thinking, «re-cast into the world»
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