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The aims of eco-journalism are: to do away with ecological illiteracy, improve eco-culture, to bring information on the state of natural resources and ways of their preservation to the attention of the authorities, to provide environmental awareness by means of mass-media, thus implementing the idea of lifelong ecological education and upbringing. At the same time, mass-media activity should be targeted at cultivating a positive image of nature, which is defined by the most important factor of moral upbringing of the population and constitutes the basis of education aimed at shaping a pro-active ecological attitude of Russians as a necessary element of building a civic society in this country including attempts of consolidation of society in terms of respect for ecological rights of man. This is because eco-journalism, unlike other kinds of journalism, is integrative as it covers all social aspects in their inherent unity, including education, poverty (social problems), safety and human health (medicine). This activity is based upon the close interconnection of the members of the Man – Society – Nature trio. For its better understanding one should not search the theoretic heritage of fathers of Marxism-Leninism for tokens of their antinational policy, the way it is often done nowadays, but one should try to get to the bottom of it. Especially, when it concerns vast and urgent tasks that serve the one and undivided concept of nation-wide ecological education and ecological propaganda together with studying their governing laws and particular traits. Because it is in works of Marxism-Leninism that the idea of the unity of nature, society and man was scientifically grounded for the first time, as well as the ideas of indoctrination of consciousness of people and the struggle for new human attitude towards environment. Issues of ecological education, ecolaw, formation of the ideological mechanism of ecolaw implementation, represented in media as a system, define the continuous chain of education and propaganda aimed at a deeper understanding of the connection of ecology, human health and nature preservation and the role of man in this noble business. And this means saving the planet from the deeds of man who thoughtlessly wastes natural resources, the resources that could sustain many generations of people for many years if treated wisely. This is the only planet we have, and it is unlikely that we’ll get another one. 

eco-journalism, Marxism-Leninism on the matter of unity of man, society and nature, ecological imperative, ecolaw, ecological safety, tasks of environmental awareness promotion
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