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The article presents the graded model of continuous inclusive education for individuals with disabilities. It describes in brief the content of work within each grade. The importance of psycho-pedagogical support for students with disabilities over a period of training is pointed out. Besides, data are given about the special conditions for inclusive education and their impact on the quality of education. It contributes the idea to establish the Regional Resource Center of continuous inclusive education for liaising with the participants of the process in all grades. Professional self-determination among secondary school students with disabilities is a topical issue in social pedagogy. To arrange the supplementary education for children with disabilities it is necessary to provide facilities which include special software, methodological and didactic materials, special technical equipment for teaching in groups and for individuals. Moreover, there should be a guarantee of unassisted access to the building, education aid, and the assistant to provide an adequate technical aid for this category of children - in conducting classes for groups as well as individuals with special needs. As a whole these make up an environment inducing to master education programs by students with disabilities. Attempts are made to develop a mechanism of an easy pass from one level (grade) of education to another - to make the process of education consistent. So, there should be qualified career guidance at elementary schools with due regard for ICD code - to help the disabled students to choose the direction in professional education. The right target for future profession, corresponding to health and medical advice, enables the students with disabilities to realize their potential in professional activity.

inklyuzivnoe obrazovanie, nepreryvnoe obuchenie, usloviya nepreryvnogo inklyuzivnogo obrazovaniya, obuchayuschiesya s ogranichennymi vozmozhnostyami zdorov'ya, kachestvo obrazovaniya, preemstvennost', posledovatel'nost', inclusive education, continuous education, facilities for continuous inclusive education, students with disabilities, quality of education, continuity, consistency
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