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The current paper features the essence and legal bases of social protection in foreign countries, as well as a comparative analysis of social support models in the Russian Federationand foreign countries. The author investigates the role of the social state in the implementation of youth policy, identifies key problems in relations between the youth and the social state, the most important aspects of the interaction of these two institutions. The arguments presented in the scientific article allow the author to distinguish a number of urgent problems in the sphere of interactions between the youth and the state in the conditions of modern Russia, each of which may lead to a number of negative social consequences. The youth policy implemented by the state is unmethodical. The main focus has currently shifted from the federal level to the level of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, with the supreme bodies of state power having only overall strategic planning and determining the main directions of the youth policy in the country.

social protection, social responsibility, the model of social support, social state, quality of life, youth policies.
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