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The current research clarifies the philosophical essence of technical drawbacks in the operation of technical devices. The author introduces two different concepts: «the nature of drawbacks» and «the cause of drawbacks», the former reflecting the essence of the phenomenon, the latter dealing with its manifestation. The study has revealed that these two characteristics are in a state of dialectical relationship. The differentiation allows for a better understanding of the technical drawbacks phenomenon and a better ethical readiness in the use of technology. At the same time, the first concept focuses on global threat awareness, i.e. a man-made disaster, whereas the second one implies a possibility of its neutralization by one’s conscious actions. The paper shows the limitations of the basic philosophical paradigms in understanding the phenomenon under study. The paper ends with the following conclusion: the two concepts («the nature of drawbacks» and «the cause of drawbacks») possess a practical function. They result in a set of preventive measures, and if a troublesome case does occur, there a set of prompt measures will follow to resolve the matter and analyze its caus es.

technical drawbacks, nature of technical drawbacks, cause of technical drawbacks, consequences of technical drawbacks, preventive measures, operational measures
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