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The article features methods of health-saving technology at Chemistry classes in sanatorium type boarding schools. To make the learning process more effective, the teaching staff should maintain its continuity, use visual aids, alternate different types of educational activity, employ methods of fatigue relief, tension and stress reduction, and give lessons in small groups or individually. To raise the level of attention, a chemistry teacher should employ techniques that develop imagination, give brief information on the properties of chemical substances and let the students write down their formulae. To develop conceptual memorization, one should constantly appeal to the origin of scientific terms and their etymology. Chemistry classes should include some elements that would shape knowledge about health and healthy lifestyles in students and attract their attention to environmental problems. The paper introduces a lesson plan "Chemical formulae: Relative Atomic and Molecular Masses") that includes all the elements of this technology. Students get involved in the cognitive process by realizing the importance and usefulness of the information and the significance of chemical substances for human health. The technique makes learning process practically meaningful, expedient and more effective.

healthsaving technologies, chemistry lesson, school of a sanatorium type, substance, health, cognitive process
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