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Abstract (English):

The research features theoretical and practical issues of the legal regulation of novation as a way of terminating the obligation under civil law in the sphere of civil legal relations. The aim of the research is to study the legal nature of novation as a way of terminating the obligation to solve the most important theoretical problems and to develop on this basis a unified approach to its understanding and legal nature. The study employed general and special scientific methods, i.e. general scientific dialectical method with a system-functional approach to the analysis of the phenomena under study. The research has resulted in a definition of the category of novation and its characteristics, highlighting the differences between compensation and novation. The results can be applied in the sphere of theoretical provisions or can become the basis for further scientific research of the termination of the obligation of novation. The results can be used in the sphere of lawmaking as well.

termination of the obligation, novation, legal nature, signs of novation, conditions of novation, compensation
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