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The research features the legal nature of fee-based services. The author has analyzed jurisprudence materials to identify the difficulties which the parties face at application of such a contract. The research compares the Belarusian and Russian civil legislation connected with fee-based services. The article describes various approaches to the definition of the subject of a fee-based service contract and demonstrates its difference from other adjacent contracts. The conclusion is drawn that the main problem connected with fee-based services agreements is related with the definition of its subject and other essential terms. The author claims that an accurate list of essential conditions should be included in the legislation. To minimize lawsuits, it is offered to legitimize the rule that the performer maintains the right for a bonus (extra fee) only if the result of the service, designated by the customer in the contract, has been achieved. The research results can be useful both for legal science and practice.

services, feebased services, services agreement, the market of services, payment of the rendered services
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