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The article is devoted to the study of the category of «non-defined ways of protecting civil rights» in civil law. The choice of the research subject is conditioned not only by the use of such terminology in the legal literature , but also by the allocation of concrete examples of such ways of civil rights protection. For completeness and objectivity of the results, the author pointed out some features characteristic of all methods of civil rights protection. After that he analyzed the categories that scientists refer to as «non-defined ways of civil rights protection» in order to identify when they applied the presence of the violated subjective civil law and the possibility of its restoration. The article differentiates special and «non-defined» ways of civil rights protection. In those cases when the categories in question had the features of civil rights protection, it was established that they belonged to special ways of protecting civil rights and not to the unnamed ones.

ways of protecting civil rights, «non-defined ways of protecting civil rights», special ways of protecting civil rights, features of ways to protect civil rights, civil rights
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