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The article deals with the problem of the search for Russian national identity, which connected with the search for «my» identity. By exploring the peculiarity of the Russian mentality, «I» create a portrait of my own mentality. Russian identity is a «mirror» for «me», where «I» try to see both Russia and myself. The search for «my» identity means answer to the following question: Are the traditional features of the Russian mentality preserved, lost or changed in me? This problem includes the global issues of «Who are we?», «Why are we here?», but also implies the deep philosophical matter of «What is a man?» Looking at the world, we can conventionally divide all people into three parts: people of the Eastern world, people of the West and the Russian people. We can add to this classification the «citizen of the world», the man of globalization and cosmopolitan features. The crisis of Russian national identity is caused by the transformation of culture into civilization, which has led to the transformation of the soul into the psyche. The culture of the soul turns into the psyche of civilization. As a psyche, the Russian soul loses its «Russianness». Over the past centuries, one of the most important topics for reflection of Russian philosophers and writers has been the fate of Russia, the Russian soul, the Russian idea. Russia not only continues its search for identity, but formulates a number of important conclusions along the way. Out of the mouths of poets, artists, musicians and philosophers, Russia realizes and asserts itself by saying «I am». Self-identification is achieved only at the stage of maturity of culture. Maturity is acquired when the soul of Russian culture is formed. The achievement of the self-actualization stage by the soul of the Russian culture gives grounds to speak, with sufficient certainty, about the originality of its structure and dynamics.

Russian identity, Russian soul, Russian culture, Russian mentality, Russia, identity crisis, culture, civilization, soul of Russian culture, mentality of civilization
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