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Technogenic pressure in the industrial region, as Kusbass is, despite of taken measures for limitations of harmful substances emissions and stuffi in the atmosphere is continued to grow. The damage is being harmful to all (natural) environment and all living things including humans. This causes the probability of the ecological hazard, i.e. technogenic ecological risk. The present study examines the harmful effects of precipitation in the form of acid rains. It analyzes the factors causing the acid rains intensity in the vicinity of the mining sector. It is noted that fi the acid rains occurrence is caused by industrial explosions in the open casts and harmful emissions from heavy mining trucks. Special laboratory tests of automobile fuel including spectral methods have shown the presence of sub-standard component in the form of sulfur which is greatly exceeded the standard. It infl the air pollution level with sulfur compounds as there is the open cast localization of multi-ton vehicles running on this fuel. On the basis of social-hygienic monitoring of children and adults health and air pollution levels in big industrial centers of Kusbass, causal relationships have been established and the regularities of health disorders formation for population, especially among children, have been determined. In this connection there are opinions about the negative infl on population health who live close to Kuzbass open cast, harmful factors arising due to the fi of the air environment with many chemicals (nitric oxide, sulfur containing compounds like hydrogen sulfi thiophene and its derivatives, acid and average ethers of sulfuric acid, nitric acid vapours and many others) in large quantities.

tehnogennye vybrosy, vybrosy vrednyh veschestv pri promyshlennyh vzryvah, urovni zagryazneniya atmosfernogo vozduha krupnyh promyshlennyh centrov Kuzbassa, tehnogennyy ekologicheskiy risk, eksperimental'noe opredelenie kachestva nefteproduktov, serosoderzhaschie soedineniya, kislotnye dozhdi, spektral'nye metody analiza nefteproduktov, social'- no-gigienicheskiy monitoring zdorov'ya detskogo i vzroslogo naseleniya, Technogenic emissions, emissions of harmful substances while industrial explosions, levels of air pollution of Kusbass big industrial centers, technogenic ecological risk, experimental defi of oil products quality, sulfur containing compounds, acid rains, spectral methods of oil products analysis, socialhygienic monitoring of child and adult health
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