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The article describes the modern functional and territorial structure of the economic complex of one of the most industrial regions of the Asian Russia – the Kemerovo region. The basic link in the economic complex of the Kemerovo Region is industry. A quarter of the economically active population in the region is employed in industry. Industry provides half of the gross regional product. The role of industry in the economic complex of the Kemerovo region has not changed for many years. In general, the region’s industry has a pronounced raw material orientation. Raw materials industries are the leading ones in the industry structure of the region: the total share of the coal industry, metallurgy, electrical energy and the chemical industry in the total production of industrial products is 85 %. Kuzbass is Russia’s leader in coal mining. The share of high-tech industries is negligible. Machine building accounts for no more than 5 % of industrial production. The industry of the Kemerovo region is characterized by a poly-branch structure, formed primarily on the basis of the coal resources of the Kuznetsk Basin. The leading role belongs to the coal-metallurgical system of production, which forms a number of highly developed energy production cycles (coal-energy, chemicals, pyrometallurgical and others), some of which (raw materials extraction) are located outside the region.

industrial complex, sectoral and territorial structure of the industry, Kemerovo region, Kuzbass coal industry
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